The most of light and energy from the sun come from the south. North-facing windows bring in insufficient quantity of daylight, and are therefore only an energy loss.


In order to successfully achieve a passive house, there must be as many south-facing windows as possible. Regarding our Molehouses, all the windows are south-facing.


The least illumined areas of the house are designed for technical room, clothes cabinet, pantry, passages or bathroom.


Our goal is to achieve the Socrates House – that is why all the windows in the house are oriented on one side only


The principle of Molehouse comes from the Greek “Megaron”, i.e. a large main space of the house, a sort of heart of the house, with a hall (3), that is like a transitional interspace. Its function in summer is to protect the interior from the sun’s rays.


The back of the house (5), on the north, is intended for storage room, sanitary facilities, or technical room.


Moreover, Molehouse is protected with earth from the north side. Each our Molehouse is designed according to the Socrates House.

03. ROOF

What counts the most in winter is the sloping roof, of which the front part is higher in order to introduce light and heat further into the house. In this way, there is plenty of natural light even during the rainy days.


Nowadays, blinds or awnings are used instead of entrance hall or overhanging roof. More on the subject.

The house plan is adapted to the lighting and ventilation requirements. Aeration of the rooms in the back side of the house is also possible in natural way, through vents.

In order to have more light indoors, the ceiling is set higher on the south side of Molehouse.


Have a look at our accomplishments.


We disposed of a north-western slope and wanted a Molehouse. We had no idea it could have facade on two sides. Thus, we benefit from privacy as well as sunlit home.



We want a house that makes us self-sufficient, a house, where we will be able to grow vegetables even in winter. We want a house, of which it will be easy to care.



After a long reflection, we chose Molehouse Pod Lesom (“Below the Forest”), because it meets our two critical requirements – self-sustainability and comfort.