Molehouse Zemplín

  • Surface area: 149,5m2 + a greenhouse of 25m2
  • Construction cost from: €950/m2
  • The estimated price of this variant of construction: € 150 775
    (price includes landscaping, importation of soil and complete house construction)
  • Energy class: A


If self-sustainability, independence, freedom and liberty are important to you, and if you want to rely primarily on yourself, Molehouse Zemplín is the house that meets all your expectations. More about self-sustainability…

“We want a house that makes us self-sufficient, a house, where we will be able to grow vegetables even in winter. We want a house, of which it will be easy to care.”

Lucia and Marek, homeowners



→ house is primarily designed for flat land, but it is also possible to adapt it to sloping land

→ house can be built in most locations and climates




separate private and common area offer you a quiet rest and tranquility

→ if you want to work from home, the house disposes of a separate sunlit home office, providing you with a calm environment to work

→ you can choose between an ornamental or vegetable garden on the flat roof of the house, or simply let grass grow there

→ living area is greatly increased thanks to the terrace directly accessible from both kitchen and living room

greenhouse heated with waste heat from the house in winter will provide you with fresh food all the year round

→ house disposes of a useful pantry with year-round constant temperature, where you can store your food



→ you will be pleasantly surprised by the low monthly cost of living

→ house disposes of simple and economical heating system with low power requiring almost no maintenance

→ heating is provided through fireplace / wood burning stove / solid fuel, and you can get fuel anywhere




→ facade wall is made of 38-centimetre thick insulating bricks, that is sufficient for passive standard

→ walls are of 15-centimetre thick bricks, that regulate indoor humidity

→ ceiling and bearing walls are made of wooden beams fixed with concrete

→ 70 cm of soil on the roof allows you to grow there vegetables

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