Molehouse Záborské

  • Surface area: 227m2 , of which 76,6mof living space
  • Construction cost from: €1150/m2
  • The estimated price of this variant of construction: € 231 250
    (price includes landscaping, retaining structures and the entire house construction)
  • Energy class: A


Stylish and comfortable, even on a gentle northern slope. Self-sustainability is also about energy independence, which in the case of Molehouse is guaranteed by its own photovoltaic power plant and batteries.

“We like Molehouse. I think there is no kind of home that has such a low energy conumption as a basic feature.”

Ondrej, the owner



→ house is primarily designed for flat land or gentle northern slope

→ house can be built in most locations and climates

→ however, the sun must shine on the land in winter, too



→ garden located 1.50 m above the road ensures privacy even with a low fence

→ having your own photovoltaic power plant with batteries provides you with a great comfort and self-sustainability

→ you can choose between ornamental and vegetable garden on the flat roof of the house, or simply let grass grow there

→ living area is greatly increased thanks to the terrace directly accessible from both kitchen and living room

→ you dispose of covered parking for quick access to the house, so the green area around the house stay untouched.



→ you will be pleasantly surprised by the low monthly cost of living

→ house disposes of simple and economical heating system with low power requiring almost no maintenance

→ heating is provided through fireplace / wood burning stove / solid fuel and electric underfloor mats

→ in winter, the house is sunlit, in summer it is sheltered thanks to the screened terrace




→ facade wall is made of 38-centimetre thick insulating bricks, that is sufficient for passive standard

→ walls are of 15-centimetre thick bricks that regulate indoor humidity

ceiling and bearing walls are made of wooden beams fixed with concrete

50 cm of soil on the roof requires very little maintenance

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