Molehouse Rohožník

  • Surface area: 169m2 
  • Construction cost from: €1050/m2 of usable area
  • Project price: € 177 450
    (price includes landscaping, retaining structures and the entire house construction)
  • Energy class: B, after the first season, the consumption of energy, water and wood was €48/month


Our very first project was Molehouse Rohožník, completed in 2013 and permanently occupied. To prove that we only make promises that we can keep, you will find below an interview with the owner of the brand new Molehouse. The owner of the house shared with us his experience of living in our oldest Molehouse.

The owner of the first Molehouse in Slovakia:

“We often use words like “sustainable” and “green living“, of which most people interested in new housing do not know true meaning. It is only by living in a molehouse that I realised what these words meant. My Molehouse taught me to live more economically, to think cost-effectively and to protect the environment, while enjoying the comfort it gives me. You can make sure my words are true yourself – either by visiting the house or trying how it is to live there for few days.”

“What was actually the thing that convinced me to choose Molehouse Rohožník? I will mention only the most important features of this interesting house.

Immediately after the first winter, I was impressed by the high energy savings for heating and hot water. The wood consumption for heating of entire house (including technical rooms) and hot water is incredibly low.

The thermal insulation together with the heat accumulation capacity of the surrounding soil behind the walls maintain a comfortable indoor temperature in both very cold as well as very hot weather, all year round and all day long, without air-conditioning.

In a nutshell, the house heats up and cools down itself all year round without my intervention. The only thing I have to do in winter is to slightly adjust the temperature according to our wishes – not heat it, only adjust it.

The heat accumulation (heat from the sun that accumulates in the ground) behind the walls of the house works really well. The house does not overheat in very hot weather nor overcool in winter. In summer, even during the greatest heat, the house will provide you with an agreeable shade. In winter, when the sun shines, the rooms are warm without any heating. 

The whole house is facing sunny south side. Therefore, sunshine heats and enlightens the house through the large windows all year round. There is no need for sunblinds even during the hottest weather. Also, shading does not prevent the daylight from enlightening the house – the rooms are not dark as it is usually the case in a flat. 

A significant contribution to the clean environment is the fact that the house does not collect waste water and release it into the sewerage, but it cleans the water itself in a natural way through the root zone technology for sewage.

As I am always busy, I appreciate the house requires only minimal maintenance.

I saw the entire construction of the house from the beginning, so I’m sure that the house has no hidden defects.

In order to protect my property I need only one camera in front of the house as the house can be reached only from one side that can be constantly monitored.

The house is built into sloping land, the price of which was much lower than the price of a flat land. It can also be seen in the acceptable price of the house.

Molehouse appealed to me for its uniqueness that I had never seen before in the region. It provides me with all the comfort I asked for.”


Characteristics of the house:

  • Heating: solar panels, a wood burning stove with a heat exchanger for hot water, a storage tank with an electric heat exchanger as a reserve. There is also a less water capacity storage tank of 380L, that comprises a second water storage tank of 120L. The house disposes of underfloor heating.
  • Shell of the house is made of concrete, and is insulated with Dual Seal that gives the possibility to fix the waterproofing insulation from the interior; the insulation material is natural bentonite that does not degrade. Sustainability is estimated at 100+ years.
  • Facade of the house is composed of windows with Solar glazing and a wooden frame filled with thermal insulation material.
  • Interior walls are of wooden frame, OSB panels, and clay plaster
  • Ceiling is formed of wood coupled with concrete.

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