Molehouse Pod Lesom

  • Surface area:  202m²
  • Construction cost from: €1050/m2
  • The estimated price of this variant of construction: € 212 100
    (price includes landscaping, retaining structures, the entire house construction and landscaping of terraces in front of the house)
  • Energy class: A1


A self-sustainable house with an attractive appearance for which you don’t need to care.


„After a long reflection, we chose Molehouse Pod Lesom (“Below the Forest”), because it meets our two critical requirements – self-sustainability and comfort.“

Anička a Filip, homeowners



house is primarily designed for gentle slope, but it can be built on flat land as well

→ in-hill house has its advantages like privacy, beautiful views and quiet environment – it is protected from the bustle of the street




→ private area of the house is clearly separated from the area for guests

→ vegetable garden with fresh vegetables directly under your windows

→ flat earth-covered area on the roof is suitable for further use

→ garage for two cars with a pit

→ house disposes of two pantries with year-round constant temperature: one in the kitchen, for daily use, and the other in the garage for long-term storage of food

→ house disposes of a covered terrace that you can enjoy even in spring or autumn

→ above-standard house equipment includes your own water from private well, your own energy from the sun and summer kitchen to process your crops



→ house requires almost no maintenance and it has surprisingly low monthly cost of living. It is therefore an ideal house for retirement.

→ what will certainly attract your interest is the minimum need for heating in winter that helps you save money, and absolutely no air-conditioning in summer

→ house disposes of a simple heating system requiring almost no maintenance. All you need to heat the house is a wood burning stove or a fireplace and comfortable infrared radiant heating panels, all of low power.




price is favourable thanks to simple lines of the house as it has no unnecessary recesses, and also thanks to the wisely selected materials requiring only a simple and easy processing.

  béton brut (architectural concrete) is used for interior ceilings

→ wooden parquet floors in the rooms

→ back buttress wall is made of concrete, curtain walls are made of insulating bricks and walls are made of bricks

soil from excavation, usually carried away to a landfill, where you have to pay for its storage, is used to adjust the terrain in front of the house to create a large flat terrace, thereby saving considerable expenses

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