Molehouse ``Narovinu``

  • Surface area: 169m2 
  • Construction cost from: €975/m2 of living space (usable area with garage – price €917/m2)
  • Project price: € 155 000
    (price includes landscaping, retaining structures and the entire house construction)
  • Energy class: B, after the first season, the consumption of energy, water and wood was €48/month


This housing is sensitively set into the surrounding environment, thus disposing of a harmonious connection with nature. External and internal design of the house are based on folk architecture. Natural materials used in the construction create a healthy indoor climate. Molehouse “Narovinu” (“Straightforwardly”) will provide you with this all.


“I did not think it was possible to build a Molehouse on a 6-are flat land in the middle of a village. I’m glad it is.”

Ingrid, the owner



→ house is suitable:

–   for flat or even slightly sloping land

–   even for smaller lots from 5 ares

–   between houses in a classic built-up area within municipality

→ windows in two cardinal directions allow to settle the house on a lot oriented to different cardinal points




→ surprisingly low monthly housing costs

→ almost no maintenance – this gives you a lot of free time for hobbies and relax

→ back wall opposite of windows is made of stone and its function is to store heat from the sun. Thereby it maintains balanced indoor temperature throughout the year.

→ garden “enters” the house through large windows onto terrace, thus visually making the interior bigger

→ extended roof protects from summer sun like an awning while doing a barbecue on the terrace

→ steep slope behind the house replaces fence, so you save money



→ minimal and cost-saving heating in winter is financially very interesting – in winter, the house is not heated, the temperature is only adjusted according to your needs because the soil behind the walls maintains stable temperature throughout the year

→ house disposes of a simple heating system requiring almost no maintenance; heating is primarily provided by a fireplace, the side rooms dispose of additional infrared heating panels

→ house needs absolutely no air-conditioning in summer – soil behind the walls pleasantly cools the interior during hot summers




→ back 80-centimetre thick wall is of stone, able to resist soil pressure and at the same time perfectly accumulate heat from the sun

→ facade wall is formed of a wooden retaining grid filled with natural thermal insulation

→ ceiling is made of wooden logs from almost unworked natural wood

→ wooden floor with foam glass as thermal insulation

→ walls are made of wooden pillars and wood paneling

→ common chimney for indoor fireplace and grill on the terrace

→ sloping roof serves also as handrail, the rest is grass-covered roof

→ brick wall for air-humidity regulation and good indoor climate

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