Molehouse Moravce

  • Surface area: 169m2 
  • Construction cost from: €975/m2 of living space (usable area with garage – price €917/m2)
  • Project price: € 155 000
    (price includes landscaping, retaining structures and the entire house construction)
  • Energy class: B; after the first season, the consumption of energy, water and wood was €48/month


Molehouse Moravce creates a new approach to life. You will enjoy “holidays” not only on weekends but all the year round – you can carefreely relax after work, there is no need for constant care or maintenance of the house. All the comfort of modern home is at your disposal. Living in this house is amazing.


“We have a beautiful view at the end of our property, but there is a precipice. Molehouse allows us to extend gardening area by the land on the roof as well as enjoy that great view.”

Juraj, the owner



→ south facing house

→ suitable for flat as well as sloping land




→ this is an ideal house for families with children because there is a good view on the entire courtyard with children playing from any room in the house thanks to its large windows

→ people in the house do not disturb each other – private area of the house is separated from the common one

→ higher ceiling above windows allows more sun light to enter inside the house

→ fully covered terrace located above the surrounding ground level is protected from rain

sliding screens on the terrace, that can also be used to close completely the terrace, increase the comfort of privacy

→ sliding screens on the terrace can be lockable and robust enough in order to protect the house from unwanted visitors during your absence

→ there is enough storage space in extended entrance hallway



→ what will certainly attire your attention is minimal and cost-saving heating in winter and absolutely no air-conditioning in summer

→ in winter, the house is not heated – the temperature is only adjusted according to your needs because the soil behind the walls maintains stable  temperature throughout the year.

→ house disposes of a simple heating system requiring almost no maintenance composed of electric underfloor heating mats and a fireplace for the atmosphere

→ during hot summers, the house does not require air-conditioning that is expensive as the soil behind the walls pleasantly cools the interior.




→ back wall is made of 30-centimetre thick concrete to carry the heavy load of soil

ceramic ceiling

→ facade made of ceramic bricks

→ choice between concrete and wood floor

→ freely adjustable brick walls

→ foam glass as heat insulation in contact with earth

70-centimetre thick layer of soil on the roof, which can be used as garden

→ possibility of DIY – with a building supervisor

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