Zmena výstuže za výstuž zo sklených vlákien (GFRP) je veľký krok. Ľuďom však vezme z domu množstvo ocele a nahradí človeku bližším materiálom, sklom a živicou.
Sklená výstuž môže byť kombinovaná s oceľou. Oceľ má svoje výhody, sklená výstuž (GFRP) svoje výhody. Spolupracujú výborne.

Molehouse Lubina

  • Surface area:  99,5m²
  • Construction cost from: €1256/m2
  • The estimated price of this variant of construction: € 125 500
    (price includes landscaping, retaining structures and the entire house construction)
  • Energy class: A


Molehouse Lubina is home for people for whom privacy and nature are important.


„Our Molehouse has organic shapes, yet simple and unobtrusive design. That’s what Molehouse brought us.“

Marián, the homeowner



→ house can be built in most locations and climates
→ house is also suitable for sloping terrain – it can stabilize slope much better than any conventional type of house.




→  House requires almost no maintenance and it has surprisingly low monthly cost of living. It is therefore an ideal house for retirement.
→ private area of the house is clearly separated from the area for guests
interior of the house can be freely adjusted to your wishes, the arrangement possibilities are endless
→ house has its own terrace completely hidden from curious eyes
→ roof of the house can be used as another terrain, like strawberry bed for example. You do not need a ladder to get on the roof, just walk up the slope.



→ what will certainly attire your attention is minimal and cost-saving heating in winter and absolutely no air-conditioning in summer
→ in winter, the house is not heated – the temperature is only adjusted according to your needs because the soil behind the walls maintains stable temperature throughout the year. During hot summers, the house does not require air-conditioning that is expensive as the soil behind the walls pleasantly cools down the indoor temperature.
→ house disposes of a simple heating system requiring almost no maintenance. All you need is a wood burning stove or a fireplace, and for more demanding clients a heat recovery system or comfortable infrared radiant heating panels, all of low power.




→ back wall is made of 30-centimetre thick concrete – concrete is indispensable in places needed to be strengthened
→ facade is made of 38-centimetre thick insulating bricks
→ ceiling is formed of 25-centimetre thick concrete
→ floor is made of 20-centimetre thick reinforced concrete
→ walls are of 11.5-centimetre thick bricks
→ bricks forming the facade and the walls regulate indoor humidity

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