Molehouse Kavečany

  • Surface area: 87,2m2 
  • Construction cost from: €1 200/m2
  • Project price: € 104 640
    (price includes landscaping, retaining structures and the entire house construction)
  • Energy class: A


Molehouse Kavečany is a house designed for “green future” with an emphasis on energy saving and environmental compliance. In this house, made of natural building materials, you will live a healthier life and become a part of nature.


“We disposed of a north-western slope and wanted a Molehouse. We had no idea it could have facade on two sides. Thus, we benefit from privacy as well as sunlit home.”

Ingrid, the owner



→ house can be built in most locations and climates

→ house is also suitable for sloping land

→ interior is full of light throughout the day thanks to the right orientation of the house




construction is fast thanks to assembled structures

house disposes of a terrace oriented towards garden with a perfect view of colourful flower beds, completely hidden from curious eyes

exterior wood lined wall looks simple, yet increases thermal and acoustic insulation



→ ou will be pleasantly surprised by minimal and cost-saving heating in winter and absolutely no air-conditioning in summer

→ in winter, the house is not heated – the temperature is only adjusted according to your needs because the soil behind the walls maintains stable temperature throughout the year. During hot summers, the house does not require air-conditioning that is expensive as the soil behind the walls pleasantly cools the interior.

→ house disposes of a simple heating system requiring almost no maintenance. All you need for heating is a wood burning stove or a fireplace, and for more demanding clients a heat recovery system or comfortable infrared radiant heating panels, all of low power.




→ retaining skeleton of the house is made of plywood

→ walls and ceiling are made of only 8-centimetre thick reinforced concrete

→ total thickness of walls is up to 40 cm comprising wooden retaining skeleton and thermal insulation

→ walls and ceiling are thermally insulated with natural materials from inside

→ wooden facade is agreeable to the touch and pleasing to the eye

→ top floor layer is made of wood with foam glass or liapor thermal insulation

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