Molehouse Hoblina

  • Surface area: 124m2
  • Construction cost from: €1050/m2
  • The cost of this construction: € 164 575
  • Cena stavby: €1450/m2


Molehouse Hoblina does not attire attention – it blends into one with its surroundings, remaining completely unnoticed..


“We had lands where nothing could have been built for reasonable money. And then we found Molehouse.”

Miro, developer



→ house is built as close to the property boundary as possible in order to save the land area

→ if the land is sloping, it is adjusted into two flat surfaces, one on the roof of the house and the other in front of the house

→ we save your time and money by setting the house as high as possible in order to avoid needless excavation works

house provides the sloping land with a supporting structure, thereby preventing landslides




→ ou will appreciate the great privacy the house provides

→ garden is hidden from curious eyes

→ you have a good view of your parked car


Click here to see the house:



→ house benefits from free heat and light of the sun through large glass windows

→ house needs less artificial lightening as the sun shines most of the day through large glazed areas




facade walls are only 15-centimetre thick, that is all you need

→ windows can be transformed into larger ones

→ we use soil from excavations to adjust the sloping land

interior walls can be adjusted to your wishes in order to change the internal arrangement of rooms

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