Molehouse Bublina

  • Surface area: 149,5m2 + a greenhouse of 25m2
  • Construction cost from: €950/m2
  • The estimated price of this variant of construction: € 150 775
    (price includes landscaping, retaining structures and the entire house construction)
  • Energy class: A


The stamp of originality of Molehouse Bublina is its unprecedented appearance. You cannot miss the unique arched shape of its roof, which gives the house an exceptional stability and significantly appeals to unconventional people.

“The success of the first project – “Hoblina”, encouraged us to carry out the next project.”

Miro, a developer



→ house facing south

→ house is suitable for sloping land because it can withstand big superelevations and inclinations

→ possibility to build the house already 1 meter from the property boundary (for conventional homes it’s min. 3m)




→ house requires almost no maintenance and it has surprisingly low monthly cost of living. It is therefore an ideal house for retirement

→  zalamovaný tvar fasády vytvára závetrie pre súkromie na terase

→ private area separated from the common one allows you to rest without being disturbed

→ there is plenty of storage space that can be used as a cellar or a storage room

→ house offers an eye-pleasing panoramic view on landscaped garden and surrounding countryside through large windows

→ high ceiling in the living room allows you to cultivate large indoor plants; it also creates a spacious aerated space for meetings with family and friends



→ what will certainly attire your attention is minimal and cost-saving heating in winter and absolutely no air-conditioning in summer

→ in winter, the house is not heated – the temperature is only adjusted according to your needs because earth behind the walls maintains stable temperature throughout the year. During hot summers, the house does not require air-conditioning that is expensive as soil behind the walls pleasantly cools the interior.

→ house disposes of a simple heating system requiring almost no maintenance, composed of electric underfloor heating mats.

→ there is a fireplace in the living room making your home feel warm and cozy

in winter, technical and storage rooms are tempered for free thanks to the heat accumulated in the surrounding soil




→ back vertical wall is made of 30-centimetre thick concrete and is able to withstand big weight of earth

→ facade wall made of thin concrete is stone wool insulated

→ ceiling is a 25-centimetre thick concrete arch, giving the house stability and protection from above

→ floor is made of 20-centimetre thick reinforced concrete

→ walls are made of 15- centimetre thick bricks

→ thermal insulation in contact with earth is made of foam glass

Sunlit home.

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