01. Be the master of your housing

    • In Molehouse, you have everything you need for your survival
    • Minimum dependence on technology
    • Molehouse is a house for life, you will not need more houses
    • You will need to earn much less – most of your monthly financial expenses will be very low or zero
    • You can work from home – no need to undertake work that you do not like, you can do what you really like (even for less money)

02. Housing freedom - freedom of life

    • You have your own heating – Molehouse has very low fuel consumption for heating and you can get fuel everywhere
    • DIY – you can easily do repairing and maintenance yourself
    • It is possible to live in the house without any heating or air-conditioning, in winter as well as in summer
    • You can get rid of your debts sooner
    • The rest of the time is your free life

Molehouse is a real freedom in housing


Have a look at our accomplishments.

Molehouse Rohožník

Our very first project was Molehouse Rohožník, completed in 2013 and permanently occupied.


Molehouse Pod Lesom

A self-sustainable house with an attractive look


Molehouse Hoblina

Molehouse Hoblina does not attire attention - it blends into one with its surroundings, remaining completely unnoticed.