01. Maintenance of Molehouse

    • Very low or zero maintenance and repair costs – Molehouse requires almost no maintenance
    • Having few technical appliances in the house means less care for these appliances that help you avoiding a number of potential problems
    • You can do maintenance yourself – no dependence on maintenance workers

02. Operational life of Molehouse

    • Operational life of Molehouse exceeds 100 years without any major and costly reparations
    • Even after all this time the wear and tear of the house is little and it is still in a good technical condition
    • The operational life of the house can be extended thanks to the reparability of the structure from the inside, so the house can serve further

Molehouse outlasts entire generations


Have a look at our accomplishments.

Molehouse Rohožník

Our very first project was Molehouse Rohožník, completed in 2013 and permanently occupied.


Molehouse Pod Lesom

A self-sustainable house with an attractive look


Molehouse Hoblina

Molehouse Hoblina does not attire attention - it blends into one with its surroundings, remaining completely unnoticed.