01. Sustainable housing solution

    • Molehouse is a “green” house – not harmful to humans nor the environment
    • Molehouse is designed in accordance with sustainable access to housing
    • Molehouse provides you with a healthy indoor climate – the natural building materials used have a positive effect on indoor air humidity and acoustics
    • There is no waste to the environment created during the construction nor the utilisation of the house
    • The supporting structure of the house has a long sustainability and does not emit any harmful substances into the environment throughout its operational life

02. Recycling and renewable resources

    • Molehouse disposes of water recycling – the root zone technology for sewage regenerates and returns the valuable natural water to the nature
    • The home energy system makes use of renewable resources
    • The house is energy self-sufficient thanks to photovoltaics and batteries
    • A low-energy house – very low energy consumption is needed to use the house
    • Waste heat from the house is used for greenhouse heating

A true connection with nature


Have a look at our accomplishments.

Molehouse Rohožník

Our very first project was Molehouse Rohožník, completed in 2013 and permanently occupied.


Molehouse Pod Lesom

A self-sustainable house with an attractive look


Molehouse Hoblina

Molehouse Hoblina does not attire attention - it blends into one with its surroundings, remaining completely unnoticed.