01. Operating expenses

    • Molehouse disposes of a surprisingly low monthly cost of living, thanks to which you will save hundreds per year
    • Heating bills are pleasingly low, as you need less heating
    • Almost no repair bills – the house is covered with earth and therefore needs less maintenance
    • No air-conditioning bills as the house does not need air-conditioning

02. Energy self-sufficiency

    • Electricity bills are reduced or zero as you can have your own solar photovoltaic power plant
    • Water and sewage bills are low or do not apply to you as you can have your own water and sewer system

03. Effective investment

    • If you rent, your mortgage plus your monthly operating and maintenance expenses of Molehouse are comparable to the cost of flat renting

Molehouse with the look of a classic Slovak house


Have a look at our accomplishments.

Molehouse Rohožník

Our very first project was Molehouse Rohožník, completed in 2013 and permanently occupied.


Molehouse Pod Lesom

A self-sustainable house with an attractive look


Molehouse Hoblina

Molehouse Hoblina does not attire attention - it blends into one with its surroundings, remaining completely unnoticed.