The benefits of living in a house built according to the concept of Molehouse.


Interior of Molehouse is thermally stable.
The house maintains a comfortable indoor temperature all year round, so if you do not use heating even during the coldest winter, you will never freeze.


Comfort in Molehouse cannot be measured or compared to anything. It is exceptional. You will love that silence in the house.


Safety is our priority. No rain, hail or snow will penetrate into the house. Molehouse disposes of a dual water leak protection system against precipitations – these are retained first by a thick layer of soil surrounding the house and then by a waterproof layer.


A house covered with earth that meets the most demanding standards provides a 100% shelter. Molehouse protects your family against extreme weather and minimises security threats.


Electricity bills are reduced or none as you can have your own solar photovoltaic power plant. Water and sewage bills are low or do not apply to you as you can have your own water and sewer system.


Minimal maintenance, minimal operational costs and maximum efficiency make Molehouse an ideal solution for people looking for efficient but luxury housing at the same time.


Very low or no maintenance and repair costs as Molehouse requires almost no maintenance. Operational life of Molehouse exceeds 100 years without any major and costly reparations.


Minimal sustainability of Molehouse is estimated to be at least 100! years with minimal maintenance. This top technical housing solution outlasts entire generations and is your best family investment.


Molehouse provides you with a healthy indoor climate – the natural building materials used have a positive effect on the indoor air humidity and acoustics. There is no waste to the environment created during the construction nor the utilisation of the house.


When creating the concept of Molehouse, we also took account of its ecological potential. That is why Molehouse is friendlier to the environment than any standard solution.


Molehouse has very low fuel consumption for heating and you can get fuel almost everywhere. You can do repairing and maintenance yourself and dependence on the technology is minimal.


Maximum efficiency, maximum luxury, and maximum use of resources – this is Molehouse compared to other investments on the market. The freedom of functioning is nothing but icing on the cake of the living quality in Molehouse.

Benefits proved by living inside

Molehouse is an earth-sheltered house. It is a modern, fully-equipped house for a good quality of life. Molehouse – a passive house with a green roof, disposes of almost zero energetic parameters.

Molehouse is a constantly improved sophisticated system focused on efficiency and effectiveness. It is also a closely linked and cooperative system in which any change required by a customer must be discussed with the designer.

Stable indoor environment is definitely the most significant advantage of the earth-sheltered house. As a result, an agreeable indoor climate can be easily maintained throughout the year with minimal costs. The use of commercial services of monopoly suppliers like electricity, gas, water and sewerage is minimal or none.

Molehouse can be built in most locations and climates. Since such a house stabilizes the land slope, it is an ideal solution for a mountainous terrain, too.

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